Victoria’s mobile reception is the worst in the country

Victoria has the worst mobile phone reception in Australia according to data collected by the Department of Communications.

2,075 mobile black spots have been reported in the state since December 2013, accounting for 33 per cent of the 6,222 reports made around the country.

The overwhelming majority of reports in Victoria came from regional or remote areas, with only 40 reports coming from major cities.

New South Wales wasn’t far behind, recording 1,823 instances of poor reception, however reception in major cities appears to be slightly worse with 64 black spots discovered.

This collection of data is part of the Australian Government’s Mobile Black Spot Programme that is attempting to improve the quality of coverage in regional areas.

Applications are being taken from organisations that believe they are in need of funding and the use of the black spot database is encouraged, to assist in their funding proposals.

$100 million has been committed to the programme, which the Department of Communications says will “improve coverage along major transport routes, in small communities and in locations prone to experiencing natural disasters”.

The first base stations under the programme are expected to begin rolling out in the second half of the year.



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